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Schutte bagclosures delivers an extremely solid product. This solidity is the key element of our company. Our quality is guaranteed, our customers are satisfied. We keep our products in stock and guarantee a fast delivery at any place in the world. We are also down to earth, friendly, approachable and always professional, customer oriented and innovative. Our product may not seem thrilling but suddenly you find yourself in the beautiful, marvelous world of bag closures.

Our story started in 1957 when Joannes Schutte from Amsterdam noticed the increasing use of plastic bread bags. He developed the aluminum Aluclip, which proved to be a hole in the market. Nowadays the bakery and bread segment is still our main market segment. Like Joannes Schutte in his days, our people realize what the packaging market needs by listening carefully to our customers, followed by playing with our products. After all there is always room for improvement. That is why we are the market leader in Europe.

Schutte bagclosures Uden, The Netherlands

Number 1
The staff at our headquarters in Uden consists of forty people. In 2012 subsidiary companies were established in the United States of America and Germany and in 2014 in Italy and France. Schutte bagclosures is a healthy, financially stable and profitable company. We are a real close team and our products are not very vulnerable to economic trends. As a niche player we just keep on playing. We want to become the number 1 of the world.

We do more than just develop and produce. Schutte is aware of its social responsibilities and supports local, national and international good causes. Furthermore we are continually working on the internal processes concerning safety and health. We also think about the future of our planet: Schutte bagclosures produces recyclable closures and has the experience and knowledge to replace plastic by bioplastics.

Own brands
To increase the brand recognition of Schutte we have put two own brands on the market: Clipps® and XtraGrip®. Schutte and these brands must become well-known names. Not just in Europe, but in the whole world. The world is our playground and we keep on playing.


1957     Joannes Schutte develops the Aluclip and starts his business
     Schutte bagclosures in Amsterdam.
1963     Removal to Soestdijk and expansion of the company. 
     Paul Schutte starts to work for the company.
1975     Removal to Uden.
1980     Removal to the present location at Brouwerstraat 8 in Uden and
     again expansion of the company.
1986     Extension of the production facilities, construction of hall 3.
1987     Acquisition of AMI GmbH, Germany.
1992     Extension of the production facilities, construction of hall 4.
1996     New office facilities.
1996     Name changed to Schutte bagclosures BV.
2001     Extension of the production facilities, construction of hall 5.
2003     New process and technology infra structure.
2005     Extension in product development capacity.
2010     First step towards the development of bag closing machines.
2012     Establishment of Schutte Bagclosures Inc, USA.
2012     Acquisition of Clip-Technik GmbH, Germany.
2012     Establishment of Schutte bagclosures GmbH, Germany.
2014     Establishment of Schutte bagclosures SARL, France.
2014     Establishment of Schutte bagclosures SRL, Italy.
2014     Modernization of factory and office buildings at Uden, The Netherlands.
2015     Establishment of JV Clip Packaging Systems GmbH in Germany
2016     Acquisition of Klaus Martin GmbH, Germany.

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Keep searching for challenges. Always look for the better approach. Have a keen eye for opportunities. Find solutions. Push the boundaries. Head for discovery. And have fun doing it. At Schutte we believe that you can make true progress if you keep on playing.